Here at Global Real Estate we aim to provide the most comprehensive listings of quality Estate Agents and Realtors around the world. In addition to this we will include sites from associated industries, such as mortgage and finance companies, architects and the like.

The directory is broken down into a number of industry segments and within these down into regional listings.

Estate Agents and Realtors

Traditional real estate agents, property brokers and realtors offering property buying and selling services. This area has been split into three areas covering commercial property, residential property and undeveloped land sales.

Office Space & Commercial Real Estate

Our office space and commercial property section includes agents and brokers for offices, retail property, manufacturing units and other industrial property.
US Office Space & Commercial Estate Agents, UK Office Space & Commercial Estate Agents, Canadian Office Space & Commercial Estate Agents

Residential Real Estate

The residential real estate section cover the tradition real estate agents and brokers which most people come into contact with when buying their house.
US Residential Estate Agents, UK Residential Estate Agents, Spanish Property Agents

Land Agents

Land agents includes those real estate agents that specialise in the buying and selling of agricultural land, building plots and industrial plots needing complete redevelopment.
US Land Agents, UK Land Agents, Australian Land Agents

Rental Property & Residential Lettings

Rental & Lettings
This section covers property agents specialising in house and flat rentals, for peoples main abode, rather than holiday rentals or serviced apartments. This residential letting property can range from student flatshares to luxury mansions for celebrities.
US Rental & Lettings, UK Rental & Lettings , Australian Rental & Lettings

Vacation Rental Property
Holiday property section covering both sites and agents with property for short term holiday rents and real estate dealers offering property specifically for the purpose of vacation lettings. This includes property developers with vacation property developments, especially those build around golf courses.
US Vacation Rentals, European Holiday Rentals

Mortgages & Mortgage Brokers

International Mortgages & Brokers
Our Mortgages section covers both mortgage providers and mortgage advisors and covers the full range from major high street banks through to independent financial advisors who offer mortgage advice to their clients. With the range of mortgage offerings now on the market it is always an idea to look carefully for a mortgage which suits your own personal situation.
US Mortgages & Brokers, UK Mortgages & Brokers , Australian Mortgages & Brokers

For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

International FSBO Websites
For Sale By Owner is becoming a more popular way of selling your home, our FSBO section covers top web sites for getting your property noticed by buyers in the marketplace.
US FSBO Websites, UK FSBO Websites , Canadian FSBO Sites

Timeshare Agents & Companies

International Timeshare Companies
Timeshare covers properties where a person buys a share in a property and gets a set period of time in which they can use that property each year, this is mostly done for holiday home purchases where the buyer is not in a position to go for a buy to let property.
US Timeshare Agents, UK Timeshare Agents , Asia Pacific Timeshare Agents

Real Estate Market Research

International Real Estate Market Research Companies
Real Estate market research covers those comapnies supplying market research data to the property industry.